Written by: Jonathan Zayan

Life is the culmination of good and bad events. To truly say that you love life, you must love the bad as much as you love the good.  When something bad happens, do not dwell on the event itself but instead focus on what you have learned. Although many Americans do not agree with or like the result of the 2016 presidential election, it is important to learn from this experience so we can all grow and be better versions of our selves.  Here are 7 positive takeaways from Trump’s Presidency:

  • #7 Be Efficient.


Trump’s policies can be seen as horrific, un-American, and not reflective of the American people but, one thing is for sure: he is well on his way to doing more than the average president. Your goals are important, which is why you should put your soul and time into completing them. Plan your day and ensure that you are not wasting valuable time on insignificant things.

  • #6 Believe in yourself.


Trump has a history of failed businesses, an unethical work history, and presumably no knowledge of American History or Government. Despite his critical flaws, he still believed that he could become president and pursed it. If you have flaws, you should not just blatantly ignore them but, discover them and improve yourself.  When you work towards your dream and believe in yourself, others might believe in you too.

  • #5 Knowledge is Power.


Trump lacks knowledge about history, politics, and the environment. Five days after the 2016 presidential elections, Trump admitted that he did not realize how much work the president actually had to do. His lack of information extends to not knowing the needs of the American people and this is apparent from his string of Executive Orders that have sparked national outrage and protest. Do your homework, research information, and never stop learning.

  • #4 Tell the Truth.


Empirical truth is not subjective. If you “know” something, it should be based on facts and valid information. When you say something, you have an obligation to yourself and those around you to mean what you say and to verify it. Your word is more valuable than gold and if you do not say what you mean, than you truly have nothing. There are two reasons why people lie: 1) You did something that you were ashamed of and cannot cope with the reality of what you did. 2) Whatever a person is trying to find out, is not their business. In regards to the first reason, you should be proud of what you do because if you learned from it, then it has made you a  better person. Remember, your faults make you who you are. In regards to the second reason, tell someone when they are overstepping their boundaries. Consider if the lie your willing to tell is worth your credibility, integrity, and trust.

  • #3 Understand how your behavior affects those around you.


If you are an introvert or an extrovert, your behavior affects those around you. Just because you think that something is a good idea, does not mean you should do it. Find out how others feel about your behavior. My motto is: If it makes you happy and does not hurt anybody, do it.

  • #2 Embrace cultures and differences.


Trump is a great example of what closed mindedness and a lack of cultural experience can do to a person. When you isolate yourself from people who are different, you will never be able to understand them, learn from them, or help them. We need to meet new people and go to new places. Trump’s lack of cultural interactions has caused him to live in fear. Remember that differences should be celebrated not tolerated.

  • #1 You can do anything!


Trump became the president of the most powerful country on Earth! If the most under-qualified person in America could be president, then you CAN DO ANYTHING! Set a goal, work for it every day and you will achieve your goal. If the goal is too large, break it down into smaller, more attainable goals. Go live the life you want and remember to always be your best!